Direct Mail

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Are you optimizing your direct mail campaign or simply employing a scattershot, hope-for-the-best approach?

Direct MailGone are the days when companies could send thousands of random pieces of mail and expect a great response. Direct mail has evolved to require more personalization and targeted messaging. It’s that extra time spent getting to know your intended market’s needs that builds customer relationships, increases response rate, and brings better ROI.

With VPP’s direct mail services…

We take that extra time to ensure your direct mail reaches the customers who will truly benefit from your company’s services. Variable data printing brings that extra level of personalization that is so vital to making a connection.

Andy and the rest of the VPP team have become very important partners to me in my role as Residential Sales Manager at Earhart Petroleum. I count on them to help me through the process of designing, printing and mailing a variety of communications to my customers, and I have never been less than exceptionally pleased. I’m often inclined to call on the VPP crew to ask for input on new marketing or mailing ideas I have, and their comments and suggestions are always helpful and honest. It’s really a pleasure to work with them.
-Lisa Sargent, R.W. Earhart Company

From self-mailers to letter campaigns, our design and customer service teams will help you develop the right piece that projects your message and maximizes your print efficiency but won’t tax your marketing budget. Our team members remain up-to-date on U.S. Postal Service guidelines and mailing requirements to help save money on postage, as well.

Additionally, we offer automated fulfillment (stuffing, sealing, and addressing envelopes) and warehousing services, as well.

VPP can help you maximize the returns of your direct mail campaign. Give us a call at (937) 526-3213 or contact us today to discuss how direct mail can work for you.

More than ink and paper.