Give Your Trade Show Booth Real Stopping Power

Give Your Trade Show Booth Real Stopping Power
  • By VPP
  • Oct 02, 2014

Make a Plan:

Don’t think of your trade show presence as just a “booth.” Think of it as a component of your organization’s overall marketing strategy. Make sure your theme and overall design is considered in your strategic marketing plan. Establish detailed goals for your booth or exhibit. Find out what competitors will be exhibiting and plan accordingly. Get as much information about the customers who will attend so you can fit your message to greet them personally.


Create Excitement:

Create pre-show promotions to entice customers to stop at your booth. Use both online and print media for the best exposure. Some ways that can be used to promote online would be to broadcast over social media outlets, adding a banner about the show to the company website or sending an email campaign. When creating print media consider using QR codes, creating invitations or postcards promoting your company’s booth at the trade show or submitting an ad to a local newspaper.


Get Noticed:

At a trade show, the whole point is to attract attention. Your booth should stir up curiosity and provide a memorable and different experience for customers. There is no benefit in creating a booth that looks the same as every other company.

Ask yourself if your booth would pass the billboard test. If you had three seconds to grab someone’s attention, would your trade show booth pass? Your message should hook the viewer to come closer and read more to draw them into the booth.


Don’t Let Hot Leads Go Cold:

The show is over, but your work is not done. Keep the momentum going with thank you notes, discount coupons, interesting incentives and more information about your company. The final phase of communication should be ready to send as soon as the trade show comes to an end. Doing this keeps your customers interested.

Create a booth with great stopping power!

More than ink and paper.