The Power of a UV Coater!

The Power of a UV Coater!
  • By VPP
  • Sep 04, 2014

What is UV coating, exactly?

UV coating is a compound that is applied to paper wet and then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. UV coatings can vary in reflectivity and thickness, depending on the application, though a high gloss or subtle matte are typically used in premium printing applications.

What can be UV coated?

Just about anything can be UV coated, though it is worth noting that UV coating typically works best on thicker glossy paper stocks. This means that business cards, postcards, booklet and calendar covers, catalog covers, flyers and sales sheets make great candidates for UV coating.

Why should I have my printed marketing materials UV coated?

There are a couple reasons why you should have your marketing materials UV coated. The first, UV coating will enrich your design and enhance your colors. This, in turn, lends to customer confidence because you have premium marketing materials. When you print premium marketing materials, it says that you are successful. And if you are successful, you probably have a good track record of satisfied customers.

UV coating also protects your marketing materials so they last longer. The longer your marketing materials last, the more they can work to earn a response for you, thus you will increase your return on investment and get the most out of your marketing buck when you have your print marketing materials UV coated.

When is UV Coating Not the Best Option?

While UV coating works great for a wide variety of printed pieces, there are a number of instances where UV coating is not a good fit.

• When using Metallic Inks

• On text weight paper under 100#

• When the piece has Foil Stamping

• Anything that needs to be written on

• The addressed portion of a mailing piece

More than ink and paper.