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Our Team

Andy Monnin
Andy Monnin President

Joined VPP in 1996.
Fun fact about Andy: My family home is over 130 years old!

Mike Monnin
Mike Monnin Vice President

Joined VPP in 1997
Fun fact about Mike: I am an avid sports fan and enjoy watching my kids play sports!

Josh Brandon
Josh Brandon Account Manager

Joined VPP in 2018.
Fun fact about Josh: I have cleaned the court at UD Arena during the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Christine Hageman
Christine Hageman Customer Support

Joined VPP in 2015.
Fun fact about Christine: I was on the track team at the University of Dayton. Go Flyers!

Brad McClain
Brad McClain Customer Support

Joined VPP in 2016.
Fun fact about Brad: I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in two minutes!

Brigette Holsapple
Brigette Holsapple Graphic Designer

Joined VPP in 2022.
Fun fact about Brigette: I have the same birthday as Vincent Van Gogh

Sarah Stammen
Sarah Stammen Digital Print Specialist

Joined VPP in 2018.
Fun fact about Sarah: I own all of the seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.

Todd Owens
Todd Owens Press Operator

Joined VPP in 2000.
Fun fact about Todd: I’ve coached junior high basketball since 2002 at Covington.

Alana Gariety
Alana Gariety Large Format Specialist

Joined VPP in 2022.
Fun Fact: I have a photography business called AGPhotographyDesign

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